This is the page where all parts of the story are recorded.


18. 08. 16[]

Story Teaser[]

Story (1).jpg

There is a quaint park in our neighborhood.

It is a place where the village neighbors come to ponder life.
In this park stands a tree. At some point, small strips of paper with the neighbors' dreams, wishes, confessions and struggles start to appear on the tree.

One day, an ambiguous yet seemingly meaningful paper is hung.
"We may seem trivial and insignificant but each one of us possess a unique strength...
my distinct unique strength is..."

18. 08. 19[]

All Members, MOON Ver.[]

Story (2).jpg

Let us meet on the fifth day of September.

18. 08. 20[]

Unit #1 Teaser: MOON Ver.[]

Miya-Lena TheParkInTheNight-PartOne.jpg

The day after the meaningful paper strip is hung, a new one appears.

18. 08. 21[]

Unit #2 Teaser: MOON Ver.[]

Anne-Minju-Soso TheParkInTheNight-PartOne.jpg

These girls begin regularly sharing not only the paper strips but their own dreams, wishes, struggles and hopes-forming priceless and cherished friendships.

18. 08. 22[]

Unit #3 Teaser: MOON Ver.[]

Seoryoung-Seokyoung TheParkInTheNight-PartOne.jpg

The friends gathered underneath the tree are not aware of the writer nor reason behind the meaningful paper strip.

18. 08. 24[]

All Members, SUN Ver.[]

Story (3).jpg

However, the ambiguous yet meaningful paper strips no longer appear.

18. 08. 30[]

Puzzle Moon Teaser[]

Story (4).png

The day after the meaningful paper stirp is hung, a new one appears.
"Let us meet here on the fifth day of September."